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Old MacDonald | Amy Schwartz

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Amy Schwartz has quickly become my #1 source of illustration inspiration. Nothing is left without texture and pattern of some kind, yet she does it in a way where it does not become muddy. There is care taken in every corner of the entire page. I love, too, how the composition is pretty zoomed in on most pages - the result is an inviting perspective letting you be a part of their lifestyle and daily doings.

I want to be in this family. And sport the mother-daughter matching haircut. Especially accompanied by the mother's bold fashion sense. This isn't Old MacDonald's farm. This is the whole family's farm, and each member takes an equally valued part in running it. I love this take on the classic and how it feels fresh without relying on the gimmick of a "quirky version" to the original (not that there's anything wrong with that. Old MacDonald Had a Truck by Steve Goetz is an excellent example). They all own the farm and they all earn their celebration picnic at the end, which seems so effortlessly festive with the addition of friends dropping by. There is a message of love, hard work and mutual appreciation among the family members, and between the animals and the farmers alike.

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